Ceramic Pro Applications

Protect Your Boat with CERAMIC PRO CERAMIC PRO MARINE is a professional product line designed specifically for the marine industry to combat the issues that manufacturers. marinas and boat owners face. Each product has its own main target area. Using a combination of these, the vessel will be protected with an extremely strong and durable […]

Fiberglass Repair

We have been providing customers with professional and high quality repairs. Our Fiberglass specialist knows exactly what every boat needs, and is dedicated to ensure our customers with the best possible result.

Paint Jobs

All of our staff is well-trained in Alexseal and Awlgrip product uses and applications from fairing compounds to topcoats. We are happy to provide you with the best paint & fiberglass repair service in South Jersey.

Teak Sanding

Keeping your teak with its natural golden hue is no easy task; over time, the weather and chemicals will wear away its color. Ensure the teak on your boat will stay fresh with our services.

Bottom Painting

Prolong your boat’s health by re-doing the bottom paint at the underwater portion of the hull. This will increase performance, reduce fuel costs, and save you thousands down the road!

Engine Room Cleaning

Keeping your engine room clean can be an inconvenient and uncomfortable task, so let the professionals handle it! We also offer bilge cleaning alongside our engine room service.

Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrapping creates a versatile waterproof barrier that stands up to the environment. South Jersey Yacht Detailing will protect your boat or yacht during the offseason.

Wash Down

The first step to detailing your boat should always be to give it a good wash-down to remove any loose debris or grime from the surface. A regularly-scheduled wash-down will have your boat in top shape throughout the season.