Shrink Wrapping

Keep Your Boat Protected Through the Off-Season

Detailing & Mobile Shrink Wrap
Shrink Wraping is a powerful way to protect your outdoor items. The polymer plastic shrinks when heated so it covers the surface more securely. These wraps are able to withstand over 300 pounds per sq ft, high winds, UV Rays, animals, and even heavy snow loads! You’ll be amazed how cost effective it is to have your investments protected. Your days of cheap and flimsy tarps are gone with professional shrink wrapping from South Jersey Yacht Detailing!

Outdoor Furniture:
Shrink wrap patio furniture, fire pits, outdoor kitchens and more. It’s easy to protect what you own from the elements with our incredible wrappings that last all season long!

Boat? Jet Ski? Any type of watercraft? We’ve got the perfect solution for protecting your investment – even in harsh weather conditions like snow or ice storms… No matter how much Mother Nature throws at them shrink wrapping from South Jersey Yacht Detailing is your best defense!

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