Teak Sanding

Get the Care You Need, At a Price You’ll Love

Keeping your boat cleaned and maintained should be your top priority as a boat owner. Not only does this task make your boat stand out from others, but it will also improve the performance and efficiency of it. At South Jersey Yacht Detailing,  we have a meticulous process of cleaning & detailing your boat or yacht to have it shine through the season.

First, we’ll inspect the boat and select an appropriate product from our wide array of cleaners in order to remove dirt, mold, rust, and any other contaminants as well as hand wash and wax your exterior.

After your boat is cleaned & detailed, we’ll make sure to keep it shining with our routine wash downs. You can pick at what frequency you’d like a wash down, which includes cleaning & drying exterior, glass windows, and vinyl seats.

Interior Detailing

Similar to exterior detailing, keeping your interior clean improves boat functionality and gives it a new look. Our interior cleaning services include cleaning & dressing wood surfaces,  dusting, polishing, vacuuming, and scrubbing to ensure your galley, heads, and any other areas below deck are always kept in pristine conditions.  

Carpet Steaming

Here at South Jersey Yacht Detailing we are experts in handling delicate fabrics on yachts such as oriental rugs,  area rugs, leather, antique rugs,  Persian rugs and upholstery.

Engine Room and Bilge Cleaning

Water, oil, fuel, coolant, and other corrosives such as dirt accumulates in the bilge over time. The water, whether salt or fresh, also becomes very corrosive over time.  If the bilge is not cleaned periodically it can lead to a lot of damage to the boat and major headaches to you. We will clean the bilge of your boat and have it running as good as new.